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The extra mile for a clean and healthy living space

Got It Maid also offers an array of optional add-on services that go beyond the remit of standard cleaning. These can be added to a core cleaning package, or carried out as a standalone.

One of our cleaners in Alfreton will then simply invoice you for the amount of time taken to complete the service, instead of charging you an additional fee.

We are cleaners that go the extra mile – Get in touch with us today to find out more how we can help you.

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 Cleaning out oven interior


Oven Cleaning

Oven interiors can be notoriously hard to clean, especially if grease, burnt particles and food residue is allowed to build up over the course of a few years. This can both subtly but noticeably influence the taste of food cooked in the oven and leads to less efficient energy usage.

Got It Maid's oven cleaning services will meticulously tackle the interior and exterior of your oven, making sure it doesn't just look brand-new but performs at its very best.

Whether you want a one-off oven deep clean to restore your oven to its prime condition or want to arrange a regular cleaning schedule, Got It Maid's flexible and personalised approach guarantees we can work something out.



 Organised shelving unit



Clutter Sorting

Sorting out home clutter can sometimes seem overwhelming, to the point of not even wanting to start. Long working hours, an unpredictable schedule or other obligations can compound the issue.

Got It Maid offers decluttering in Alfreton and the surrounding area either an additional or as a standalone service. One of our cleaners in Alfreton will get to know the scale and complexity of your clutter issue, before helping you decide what needs to be kept and what needs to be disposed.

Our team are also able to provide you with advice for storage solutions, minimising clutter issues going forward and letting you maintain a tidier, stress-free home.